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Have you ever noticed a small piece of thread at the bottom female section of your rod? Every Sage rod that we have made and still make can be identified by the thread color combination. The MOD for instance uses a combination of red and purple thread. As seen above, we cut and place the colored thread onto the bottom of each section of the rod. On another note, Bainbridge Island is a sweet spot for building rods and handling graphite. Note the temp gauge on image, it reads 72, not to cold, not too dry, and in the summer never too hot, absolutely ideal conditions for graphite. This is one of the reasons we are a Washington based company.

Rolling tables are critical to creating the performance we demand out of our blanks. We set the angle at which the machine rolls the mandrel. This gives us the ability to properly align the fibers on the blank. Graphite wants to return to it’s natural state always. Having the fibers align vertically reduces lateral wobble in the blank and that leads to increased accuracy. The mandrel and graphite gets put under quite a bit of pressure during this process.

Follow us next week as we move on. #sagebuildarod